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Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas

Since 1969, the mission of Adult and Teen Challenge of Arkansas (formerly known as Teen Challenge of Arkansas) has been to provide residential, faith-based help for men who struggle with life controlling problems, such as addiction.We are a 501-c-3 nonprofit organization that began in Little Rock,Arkansas. In 1981, the program moved to a rural campus just north of Hot Springs.

We offer structure, spiritual and emotional support, and classes to address common struggles and issues, as well as the opportunity to earn a GED and develop a positive work ethic, and assistance to others through community service. Those who come to our program do so voluntarily. We never turn anyone away because of an inability to pay. Our program is funded by donations, our work program, vintage mall thrift store sales, and grants.

ATCAR is a part of the world-wide Adult & Teen Challenge® family with over 200 U.S. based centers and 1200 international centers. Studies have shown an 86% success rating among Adult & Teen Challenge graduates.

Recent Baptisms

Welcome to Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas

Stephan DeLorenzo
Executive Director

Welcome to Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas. My name is Stephan DeLorenzo, and I have been blessed with the awesome privilege of serving as the Executive Director of ATCAR. Our program exists for the sole purpose of setting men free from life-controlling addictions by giving them a sense of hope. That hope is found in Jesus Christ! From my own personal experiences, I know first-hand that the love of Jesus can overcome darkness, depression, anxiety, fear, and every lie that comes against us. If you or someone you know desires to experience true freedom we want to help with a proven solution – Jesus Christ! Call the number above or complete an online application today!

Featured Student Testimonies

Chase M.

God has delivered me from my addiction, and I’m free! Free from alcohol, from the lifestyle of bondage I was living before having a true spiritual connection with Him. This program is not just a drug treatment program, it’s a place for spiritual healing and discipleship. I feel strongly that my calling is to witness and spread His word for the benefit of His Kingdom. No more deep depression, rage, hopelessness, or grief, just His love, and grace. My name is Chase, thank you for your help. You will never know how much I and so many others appreciate you, and how you’ve changed our lives through Christ.

Jeremy Chambers

I was raised going to church with both grandfathers being preachers. Through the pain of traumatic hidden events in my childhood, I found myself as an adult living in a two-bedroom trailer with three adults and six children and submerged in drugs.  Other people were in and out doing drugs daily, and even though I participated, my heart was in the protection of those children.  When I tried to move out of  situation, I was severely beaten, but knew I had to get away.  By the merciful grace of God, I am at ATC developing healthy relationships and a solid and relationship with God…I am safe.  I thank Him every day for second chances and mercy.

Paul Hornaday

Our family was in church every time the doors were open and served God and the congregation throughout my childhood. Everything looked great on the surface, but within my own heart, I was hurt, confused and sliding farther and farther away form God. My inward pain started showing up in ways my family worried about...stealing, pornography, and drugs...and life began spiraling into darkness. I tried to get sober over and over, but the depression was worsening, and thoughts of suicide came often. Family and friends encouraged me to come to ATC, and honestly, being free form the outword problems is amazing, but the freedom that's coming in my healing soul gives me courage for my future knowing Jesus is with me.

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