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"Many people struggle with drug and alcohol addiction that leads them to feeling hopeless and alone. We guide people into finding freedom from addiction that leads to reconnecting with family and gaining hope for living a life with joy again!" - Stephan DeLorenzo, CEO

Welcome to Adult & Teen Challenge of Arkansas

A note from our CEO “So many people have experienced pain, suffering and you should never have had to live with the depression and anxiety that has been weighing you down! Our clients find freedom in ways like never before, we are here to help you take back your life and win back your family so you can live the life you were created to live, the life you deserve!”

Stephan DeLorenzo
Chief Executive Officer

Are you tired of feeling alone, depressed and hopeless dreading every day you wake up?

Our graduates boast being reconnected with loved ones, freedom like never before, having hope and excitement every day they wake up ready to live and love life like never before!

Benjamin Flowers

I am 19 years old and from Bentonville, AR. Currently, I am in Adult and Teen Challenge of Arkansas (ATCAR for short). Most importantly, I’m a forgiven and redeemed child of God. I no longer identify by what the world defines me as, a criminal, thief, liar, and ignorant. God reached down into the mess I found myself in and showed me what being a true Christian is about.

James Raber

Hello, my name is James and I am a student here at Adult and Teen Challenge. Before coming here, I was lost in my daily life. I let the situations control me instead of me controlling them. I was married to a wonderful lady for 20 years and had three wonderful children. I had all the things you could want until I started drinking and then became a high functioning alcoholic, all the while still providing for the family. Then one day my wife passed away and I lost total control. I lost everything I had worked for. My children grew up and moved on and I was alone. Then I came to Adult & Teen Challenge and with the studying of God’s word and help from the staff here I am learning to love myself again and finding my relationship with God once again. I know now that God loves me through the good as well as the bad, and the ugly.

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